Have you ever had the inexplicable urge to satiate a burning need for the ever-nourishing vitamin sea? Ever felt mesmerised by the sun’s reflection on the rippled sea? Are you mysteriously drawn by the smell of salt and seashells? Do you long for the gritty touch of sand on your toes and the tingling sensation of sun on your skin? Have you ever put your daily life briefly on hold just to listen to the sea waves in rapture and gaze at the horizon in awe? If so, it sounds like you are one of us. You have just found your refuge.

THE BEACH HOUSE MYKONOS is a sun-washed, cliff-perched beachside haven reserved for the eclectic few who have the wanderlust gene, an innate connection with nature, and a higher sense of taste in life. It’s a sun-kissed sanctuary for all you life enthusiasts who appreciate a tranquil environment and state of mind, seek clean-cut minimal design, and know that sometimes less is definitely more.

Step into our dreamy world, where the Greek summer never ends, and the living is easy and iconic. Join THE BEACH HOUSE MYKONOS and create bright, priceless, lifetime memories. After all, what we all want and yearn for in life is to travel, fall in love, and be happy. Don’t we?